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Pioneer Save Imperial Committee Green #1950/31 Carnival Glass Cream & Sugar Set


  • Color: Green
  • Maker: Pioneer, Save Imperial Committee, Imperial
  • Pattern: #1950/31
  • Shape: Cream & Sugar Set

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I call this pattern Ring….the Museum of American Glass in WV was able to give me the pattern number…since I could not find it.  Imperial mold #1950/31 was use to make this GREEN Creamer and Sugar.  These both have Blue iridescence on them.  These items have a Ring on the outside, above each foot, and sit on Three Feet.

This Creamer and Sugar Set was made after Imperial filed for Bankruptcy…workers made a few glass items to sell in an effort to buy the company out of Bankruptcy…The Save Imperial Committee.  These items were made using original Imperial molds.  Pioneer Glass was allowed to use the facilities and the molds during this time also.  Pioneer had to put a date on the item…this is not dated, so, I am assuming that it was an SIC item that was sold by Pioneer since it has a paper label.

Both items are signed IG on the base, SIC in the interior bottom of the bowl and this has a paper label.

Due to the situation these were made in, I believe this is a scarce item.  And, it is the only color this item has been seen in.

Circa 1985-86.


Approximate dimensions:

3 inches high each.

2 1/2 inch top diameter each.

2  1/4 inch base each.

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