Robert Hansen Red Hobnail Cathead Carnival Glass Shoe Match Holder


  • Color: Red
  • Maker: Fenton, Robert Hansen
  • Pattern: Hobnail, Cathead
  • Shape: Shoe, Slipper, Match Holder


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SIGNED, Robert Hansen.  This is a Red HOBNAIL CATHEAD Slipper or Shoe Match Holder.  This was a Fenton blank that was stuck up and iridized with Blue & Yellow & Magenta by Hansen.

The Hansen Brothers began iridizing glass in the 1960’s.  This type of glass is actually Art Glass … it has a pattern because they bought pattern glass from various manufactuers to Iridize.  And, they used metallic salts that the others did not use.

Circa late 1960’s but, before 1972 when Fenton began signing.


Approximate Dimensions

2 7/8 inches high.

1 1/2 inches wide.

4 3/4 inch length heel to toe.

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