St. Clair for S.C.G.C. Blue Paneled Grape Carnival Glass Small Plate


  • Color: Blue
  • Maker: St. Clair
  • Pattern: Paneled Grape
  • Shape: Plate


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Here is a Small Plate in a PANELED GRAPE pattern in Cobalt Blue Glass.  St. Clair made a lot of Bowls in this pattern.  I have never seen a Plate.  This Plate is a flattened shape of the bowl…a whimsy of sorts.

Now, the note in the collection I bought says that this was a Souvenir for S.C.G.C.  Purchased at the convention in Kansas City in Feb 1971 and was limited to 100 plates.  The problem, in addition to it not being signed, is that I have no record of this Convention (Yet).  I am in the process of trying to locate a copy of the God & Home Newsletter (the club newsletter) for that time period.  If or when I find it, I will edit this post with the correct info.  Oh, this has Magenta, Blue, Yellow, Green iridescence.

UPDATE:  With the help of many Carnival Glass Friends (Joan Doty, Carl & Eunice Booker, Don & Barb Chamberlain, Gary Sullivan) this is the deal—From O. Joe Olson (Editor of Newsletter and founder of S.C.G.C.) God & Home Newsletter we find that St. Clair made 100 Grape Plates as a Special Order.  From  Karen George’s book, Contemporary Carnival Glass Reference Book, we find a photo of the plate with the notation “St. Clair, Grape (S.C.G.C.).  Thus we now believe that the club ordered 100 plates for the convention to sell or give away to members…without being marked on the base that is all we can assume.

Circa 1970.


Approximate Dimensions:

3/4 inches high.

5 1/4 inch diameter.

2 1/4 inch base.