Summit Yellow Inverted Fan & Feather Custard Glass Toothpick Holder


  • Color: Gold, Yellow
  • Maker: Summit Art Glass
  • Pattern: Inverted Fan & Feather
  • Shape: Toothpick Holder


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This is an old Northwood pattern and was made in Custard in 1902-03.  The mould either moved to St. Clair or they had a similiar one made andd that mould went to Summit.  Prior to 1984, much like LG Wright, Summit had moulds and had the glass pressed somewhere else.  I do not know who actually made this item for Summit.

This item is Yellow Custard with a lot of Gold Highlights and sits flat on 4 small feet.  I have seen it called #552, Inverted Fan & Feather.  This one was made by Russ Vogelsong’s Summit Art Glass.  It is nicely done and this type of custard will glow under a Black Light.

I use a small 5 LED UV Flashlight for the Blacklight photo(s).

Circa 1979.


Approximate dimensions:

2 1/2 inches high.

1 3/4 inch top diameter.

2 inch foot spread.