Antique Northwood Butterfly Electric Amethyst Carnival Glass Bon Bon


  • Color: Electric Amethyst
  • Maker: Northwood
  • Pattern: Butterfly
  • Shape: Bon Bon


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Here is an AMAZING, signed, NORTHWOOD BUTTERFLY BON BON! The colors are the boldest EVER! No doubting this one being electric!

I saw one sell like this one for $2000 once to a collector in Ohio. That one was no nicer than this one. The iridescence is well designed and so showy!

Back is silver like a mirror… pardon tree reflections.

The butterfly is high and wonderful…. note that there are 2 very shallow slivers along the side of one butterfly wing. I have photographed these for you. You can’t see them when looking at it on display and they don’t seem to have changed the shape of the butterfly.

Manufacturing comment to make here is that the one handle is flat at the top rather than high up and round. You can see what appears to be a thumb indentation made when the glass was hot and being handled. VERY COOL REALLY!

I love this piece and you will too!

Buy pretty and cool glass!

Made in the early 1900s.


Approximate Dimensions

7 3/4 inches handle to handle

2 1/4 inches tall

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