Antique Northwood Lime Dark Ice Green Daisy & Drape Carnival Glass Vase


  • Color: Ice Green
  • Maker: Northwood
  • Pattern: Daisy & Drape
  • Shape: Vase


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These vases are tough to find in ice green… and this one is not your typical ice green. It is darker and more of a lime green to my eye. But you make that decision based on the photos.

This is a beauty of a Northwood carnival glass vase! The Daisy & Drape vases are just so cute and collectable!

Love the pattern… love the frosty iridescence! Love the aqua in the handles… just a great vase overall! ¬†Also it is cupped in… like a rose bowl top! Very cool!

There is no damage but I will point out some ash in the glass on ONE SIDE ONLY. I show it to you more than once so you can see it. Shrug… turn the vase the other way. Finding these in ice green (and I said, this is more unusual) is tough anyway.

Made in the early 1900s.  Signed N.


Approximate Dimensions

6 3/8 inches tall

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