Fenton Handpainted Tadpoles & Flowers Aquamarine Opalescent Stretch Carnival Glass Vase


  • Color: Ice Blue Opal
  • Maker: Fenton
  • Shape: Vase


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This is a limited edition tall vase made by Fenton! It is signed by the painter, numbered and it retains its original Fenton sticker!

I don’t know what those cute things are but they look like tadpoles to me! Much too cute to be snakes! You can see their tails even wrap around the base! AND the painter gave them eyes! Too adorable!

This is the #2753 Fenton “handkerchief” vase – but I have not seen this in the catalogs with this painting!

The glass color is like an ice blue or aqua opal color with great opalescence (Fenton calls it aquamarine opalescent stretch!) There’s also beautiful stretch iridescence in many colors! It shimmers and glistens! I would bet happy to take a video to send you if you’d like. Really this is much prettier in person than in the photos.

Large, heavy vase! Fenton 0 in an oval.

Made in the 2000 decade.


Approximate Dimensions

9 1/4 inches to its tallest point

5 1/8 inches top diameter

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