Imperial ?Golden Ophir? Glass Pastel Swan Salt


  • Color: Golden Ophir
  • Maker: Imperial
  • Pattern: Pastel Swan, Swan
  • Shape: Swan


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This is a SWAN #147 from Imperial.  It has FEATHERS on the neck.  It is commonly called a Salt or Master Salt.  Early Imperial called it a Mint Dish.  While it looks like it might glow under a Black Light, it does not.  It is not signed.  The following info comes from an Imperial expert.

” Imperial introduced their swans in the 1930’s in six colors.  Imperial had a color called Golden Ophir, and could have made the swan in that color back then. Records from the 30’s are somewhat spotty.”

My color name came from this.  It is NOT the 1983 color Sunshine Yellow, I have had those.  This is a color I have never seen.  This is not iridized, it is not Carnival Glass.  Thus I have no reference to price by other than what I paid.

These come in many different colors and make a nice collection of a single item.  I have always heard them called Salts or Master Salts…

Circa 1930’s.


Approximate Dimensions:

3 7/8 inches high.

4 3/4 inches long.

2 1/8 inch base.

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