Summit Art Glass Blue Elephant Carnival Glass Candleholder Bowl – LARGE


  • Color: Blue
  • Maker: Summit Art Glass
  • Pattern: Elephant
  • Shape: Candleholder Bowl


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This is a HUGE and let me say HUGE candle bowl! It was made by Summit Art Glass back in 1985, I’m told. You can find black non-iridized ones that were made in the 1930s by Westmoreland, but other than that… you don’t see these.

My understanding is that Summit was a very small glass studio so that with large items like this, the owner only made them on an ordered basis. As such there are likely less than 100 of them.

Wonderful cobalt blue glass! Very colorful iridescence and shine!

This will command a presence in your collection for sure! We can likely do better on shipping than our shipping calculator shows.

Made in the 1985.


Approximate Dimensions

5 3/4 inches tall

8 1/2 inches diameter

12 inch overall length

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