Summit Purple Carnival Glass Lotus Individual Salt


  • Color: Purple
  • Maker: SSCGC, Summit Art Glass
  • Pattern: Lotus
  • Shape: Salt


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This was made for the Sunshine State Carnival Glass Club and is signed SSCGA on the base with a Gold Marking Pen.  This was made by Summit Art Glass and is a #1921 Individual Salt.   The pattern is an old one from Westmoreland.

I had to use a flashlight shining thru the side or base to see the true glass color…the iridescence is thick on this one.  This has Blue ,Magenta & Yellow iridescence.

These individual salts make a nice collection and being small, they take up very little room.  These normally weight 2 ounces or less…so, I will ship 1st Class if the boxed weight is 13 ounces or less.

Circa 2000, a guess I know the 1st souvenir was a pocket watch in 1999 and it was very limited.  This may have also been a Table Favor in 99…I do not know, but will try to find out.  This club has ceased to exist.


Approximate Dimensions:

1 inches high.

1 1/2 inches top.

7/8 inch base.

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